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An Eco-Friendly Herbicide

An Eco-Friendly Herbicide

An Eco-Friendly herbicide that works

Lonarch is an eco-friendly brush, weed and grass killer that is safer than other products on the market, according to Patrick Henry, chief operating officer of MonarchChem, the manufacturer of Lonarch. He recently spoke with SYNKD about why he’s excited about this innovative product.

2.5 gallon Container Composite copy

"It’s safe for people, pets & wildlife when
used as directed. There’s a need for a safe & effective alternative to what’s already out there."

Lonarch (1)Lonarch was named for Lon Stacy, a retired chemist who came to Patrick’s college roommate with the product idea several years ago. Patrick was asked to join them and kicked off the business development side, organizing field testing and reviewing EPA regulations so they could bring it to market.

The product is a contact herbicide and works on broadleaf weeds quickly, but hardier vegetation with more robust root systems may need a couple of applications before seeing results. Lonarch does not contain glyphosate, so tough weeds are harder to kill. The tradeoff, according to Patrick, is knowing that the product is not harmful.

Lonarch Before(2)  Lonarch After(2)

(Left) Before Using Lonarch; (Right) After 6 days of using Lonarch 

Landscapers can incorporate Lonarch as a sustainable solution for clients who want eco-friendly projects. With the increase in municipalities and corporate campuses seeking alternatives to traditional herbicides because of pollutants, Patrick says landscaping companies can benefit from a product like Lonarch. It’s also safe for use around water features and will not harm wildlife in or around ponds.  Lonarch works quickly then simply biodegrades.

Lonarch is a popular herbicide among nurseries and growers who want to kill weeds while protecting their crops.

"It’s not going to translocate into plants
unintended for elimination; it’s just going to kill the vegetation & stop the growth (of the weeds)."

Lonarch is available as a concentrate for large jobs and a ready-to-use spray for residential projects. The mix ratio for the concentrate is four ounces per gallon. Lonarch is EPA excempt and registered in all U.S. states except for Indiana and Maine.

Lonarch Before (3)  Lonarch After (3)


How to Use Lonarch

  • On walkways, driveways, fence lines and road right of ways, agricultural fields, wildlife food plots and forestry sites
  • Spot treat unwanted weeds in landscape beds and weeds around vegetable gardens
  • Great for farm use wherever you need to get rid of weeds
  • Acts lightning fast; see results in as little as 4 hours
  • 32 OZ CON copyKills 200-plus varieties of  brush, weeds and grasses

  • The site can be replanted 48 hours after spraying

Visit www monarchchem.com for more information about this eco-friendly herbicide.

Get In Touch With...

Patrick Henry

Phone: (615) 491–3941
Email: patrick@monarchchem.com  

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