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Part 1 | Quotes from SYNKD Live 2024

Help Yourself! Grab Some Slices of Information, While We Work on t
he Main Course—Launching Full-Length Videos from Our Event’s Three Stages.

Roy Heintz Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024
| Opening Keynote

"Business is tough. I don’t care if you’re a million-dollar company or a hundred-
million-dollar company. It’s tough. 
We need each other to persevereEmbrace the
opportunity to introduce yourself to everybody, to build some relationships … & then,
learn from people’s challenges & failures

-Roy Heintz
Professional Speaker,
Roy Heintz Speaks

Austyn Roth Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024

Presentation | Eliminate the “Race to the Bottom” Through Innovation

"I think eliminating the race to the bottom involves doing something in your marketplace that shows value & quality in your workmanship rather than in price … I don’t think [we at Lucky Landscaping] bid work, we provide proposals. A bid, to me, means that you are competing on the lowest number versus a proposal showing what you can provide for your dollar amount. We won’t bid on a commercial project unless we meet with the board."

-Austyn Roth
Lucky Landscaping

 Richard Ogawa Speaking on the Battery Vs. Gas Panel

Presentation | Battery Vs. Gas: Opportunities & Challenges Weighed Up

"If we don’t have a total solution [for going electric], it shouldn’t be forced down our throats. It should be done in a phased, responsible approach. That’s why I appreciate what [my fellow panelists] are doing … You think of your cellphone right, like how many businesses failed before the cellphone became the enabling technology to allow that business to happen? The same thing is going to happen with the [electric vehicle space] & the battery space."

–Richard Ogawa
Chief Executive Officer,
TOWA Industries

Jay Worth Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024
Business Track | 
Don’t Be A Seagull: A Change Management Guide

"Maybe you have to make organizational changes, maybe you have to change the way your sales process flows, maybe you have to change logistics in the way your business operates. Whatever it is, according to the Harvard Business Review, when you have to make structural changes to your business, 70 percent of the time those initiatives fail … Why? Because they’re skipping steps. There is a framework for this."

–Jay Worth
Marketing Manager,
Single Ops

Claire Goldman Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024

Business Track | Giving Your Team a Voice: Communication Up & Down the Chain of Command

"In our company, we flip [the chain of command] upside down. Our roles are to support
the people who are under us, not to push down on them.
My role is at the bottom, I’m supporting the company, by supporting my direct reports … We look at it this way at all levels of the company.
If I have somebody who is too good to get out there and get dirty, they’re not going to stick around for very long.

–Claire Goldman
R&R Landscaping

Matthew Green Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024

"If you’re a frontline-first workforce, and you really care about those people that give you a livelihood and serve your company—you pay them well. You give them a career. You give them meaningful benefits, & you take care of them."

–Matthew Green
Blue Duck Lawn Care

Donna Jones Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024

Technical TrackAce Resin Permeable Paths & Driveways

"We want to be successful. We want to be happy & have fun doing it, but we want to get
there ethically. We don’t want to go up that greasy slope, treading on people along the way,
because it’s a long, long way sliding back down."

–Donna Jones
Head of Sales
Ace Resin

Nick Carlson Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024

Presentation | Eliminate the “Race to the Bottom” Through Innovation

"Winners don’t get mad … What winners do is they get smarter, they get leaner, they get more precise, they get dialed in. Your attitude is directly going to affect your success."

–Nick Carlson
Mulch Mate

Phil Graves Speaking at SYNKD Live 2024

Technical TrackExterior Porcelain Paving: The Ideal Option for Exteriors

"Sustainability—I really like this about the porcelain world … What’s porcelain made out of? Well, it’s made out of the most abundant raw material on Earth. Earth! Basically, it’s made out of sand, clay, feldspar, a couple of other minerals, a little bit of water, some heat, some pressure … No Portland cement. There are no VOC [volatile organic compound] emissions in the manufacturing process or afterward. The weight of the product is roughly nine pounds a square foot. When you’re competing against some of your other legacy hardscape materials: natural stone, concrete pavers, clay brick pavers—you get a lot more square footage with porcelain on a truck than you do with those other materials. Less trucks. Less energy cost."

–Phil Graves
North American Director of Sales,


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