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Edging Options

 Five Edging Options To Use For Your Next Landscaping Job

OlyOla Super-Edg Installed_Oly-Ola Edging

The Edging Experts” has produced commercial-grade, 100 percent recycled paver restraint, landscape edging and specialty edging products since 1978.

Constructed of strong, durable, flexible 100% recycled materials, Oly-Ola’s 12 different restraint/edging styles include:

  • “L”-shaped paver restraints in a range of heights
  • Round-top and low-profile landscape edgings
  • 6" and 4" high “L”-shaped restraints for green roof, permeable paver and aggregate
    stone installations

Oly-Ola (2)Made in the USA, Oly-Ola’s edgings have a robust and comprehensive product guarantee. Customers can expect hassle-free shipping and products being sold exclusively through independent landscape supply or garden centers, landscape contractors and landscape architects.


COLMET® PATENT PENDING STEEL EDGINGColmet® Patent Pending Steel Edging

Colmet® continues to innovate when it comes to steel landscape edging—65 years after its first patent was filed. With new Seamless Lock technology, Colmet’s new steel edging offers easy installation, sturdier stakes that don’t pop up and a flush front. Connect all your edging and form the bed all at one time before driving it into the ground. Coming this spring to retailers and distributors in eight foot and 10 foot lengths. Available in 14 gauge to 1/8-inch thicknesses and powder coated for extra durability.


Standart Park 4 inch_3 Pack aluminiumStandart Park

Introducing our new and improved steel edging system. The system interlocks with a seamless attachment hinge, making it an invisible connection within the system. Perfectly designed for structural intergration around your home and garden. Even more perfect for your installation with our Geo Ground Grid, Hexpave Grid or Easypave Grid, to hold all of your gravel right into place.

Designed with the highest end 316 Stainless Steel, to never rust or corrode over time. Comes with three mounting spikes per unit ordered. Each unit is three feet in length.


Standart Park (1)


Vert Edge_Grass Gripper EngavingsVertEdge

VertEdge was designed with over 35 years of knowledge in the flooring and artificial grass industry behind this revolutionary multi-use system. It will provide a safer, stronger and smarter perimeter finish to an artificial lawn installation. There is nothing else in production worldwide that is similar to VertEdge in its design or application.

It can be cut to curve around sidewalks or stones while still letting water through. When installed correctly with the Exposed Ramp install method it is ADA compliant. If you are looking for a sleek, hidden and crowned appearance, we recommend our Covered Tucked method. Either way 100 percent of your perimeter is secured with no exposed nails.


Fortress Engineered EdgingFortress

Introduces a revolutionary system for holding permeable paver systems (PICP) together. It allows the use of Steve’s original industry standard spiked edge restraints with steel spikes anchor or his new Geo-Tension grid anchoring system StrypRAIL or BOTH! This commercial and residential project tested and proven system provides the most secure edge restraint in the paver industry. Paver industry focus on providing BMPs (Best Management Practices) for permeable pavers help grow market share and acceptance as Fortress leads the way to build the pavements properly.



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