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Reinventing the Wheel

Reinventing the Wheel

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Finally A Wheel That Does More Than Measure Straight Lines

The way people estimate jobs hasn’t changed much. You are either using a tool that costs thousands of dollars or using a measuring wheel to be quick. PLOTT changes that..

With the current tools you are either sacrificing efficiency and money to be more accurate or you are sacrificing accuracy for efficiency. This is becoming more of an issue as the cost of materials is skyrocketing and even difficult to get in a lot of cases.

Carta is the perfect happy medium where you can estimate, design and quote easily. You won’t have to overspend on material or be caught having to reorder products that may no longer be available.

"Carta lets you quote more jobs & close more business by being more efficient in a time where costs are skyrocketing & labor is difficult to come by."

Carta is the only measuring wheel that is capable of measuring and mapping out your estimates and able to create a digital as-built for your projects.

No more guesstimating or squaring off projects to get an estimate

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Know exactly how much material you need so you no longer over or underestimate your bid. Build out a quote in the app and share it with the customer so they know exactly what they are getting.

PLOTT_iphone with background and path copy"Customers are saving thousands of dollars by not over quoting jobs.
Going from 3 leftover pallets of sod to just a few rolls, to knowing exactly how many cubic yards of concrete, mulch, top soil
& more."

How it Works

Simply connect Carta to your phone with the LetsPlott app and wheel around any shape curved or straight and it will instantly map it out on your phone, show you the shape and give you the square footage, perimeter, cubic yards and other linear data.    

Carta can even help map out where outdoor lighting or rotors on an irrigation system will go and exactly how many you need.

Carta will save you time, money and headaches by eliminating the need to do complex math on the job. Easily map out sod, turf, mulch, hardscape, irrigation, lighting and more digitally.

  • Draw paths in real time
  • Calculate sq. feet & cubic yards
  • Spray attachment for marking
  • Add notes & images digitally
  • Create, store, export digital “as-builts”

Contact Information:



Phone: (973) 434–4348

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