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URSROBOT to Develop New Outdoor AMR Platform in COllaboration with Qualcomm

Our chat with Gabe Foo, URSROBOT:

October 18, 2023 | URSROBOT Inc., unveiled the first Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platform integrated with the new Qualcomm® Robotics RB5 Platform at the 2023 Equip Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. URSROBOT is the manufacture of the Nexmow wireless commercial robot lawn mower designed for professional landscapers. The URSROBOT platform possesses outdoor precision positioning, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and is powered by Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform’s premium-tier Qualcomm® QRB5165 processor, customized for robotics applications. USROBOT, Inc. unveiled a novel and innovative Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform, providing the industry with an efficient, integrated solution.

This Outdoor AMR platform represents URSROBOT’s latest breakthrough in outdoor robotics technology, aiming to solve the complexities of outdoor environments. As the core of this platform, the QRB5165 processor utilizes Qualcomm Technologies’ industry-leading  next generation high-compute, on-device AI and 5G connectivity – delivering outstanding performance and reliability to users.

Through URSROBOT’s developed outdoor positioning technology, this Outdoor AMR platform enables highly precise positioning in various outdoor environments. Furthermore, it incorporates AI-based path planning algorithms, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of autonomous robot operations.

URSROBOT’s Outdoor AMR platform also features advanced intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, utilizing machine vision algorithms through cameras to instantly identify and circumvent obstacles, ensuring both operational safety and the safety of surrounding individuals and animals.

The Qualcomm QRB5165 processor provides the Outdoor AMR platform with up to 15 Trillion Operations Per Second (TOPS) of AI performance and 5G connectivity, allowing it to respond more effectively to the diversity and complexity of outdoor environments.

URSROBOT offers an outstanding AMR platform that can be extended for various outdoor applications, including patrol robots, last-mile delivery robots, agricultural robots, and more. The platform comes equipped with outdoor positioning, navigation, and intelligent obstacle avoidance functions, significantly shorten development cycle and let developers  focus more on optimizing user applications. This provides researchers and startup companies with a faster and more flexible development platform to fulfill a wide range of needs.

Qualcomm branded products are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Qualcomm is a  trademark or registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.


URSROBOT Inc is a leading company specializing in service robot solutions, dedicated to bringing outdoor service robots into various aspects of daily life. Through the integration of technology and service-oriented solutions, we have ventured into new frontiers, creating added value for our customers.

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